Modern businesses need a solid IT infrastructure in order to efficiently operate at maximum capacity. However, that IT infrastructure can only be sustained long-term by ITSM experts.  

If your organization is high-velocity & dynamic, you’re going to need ITSM, software development, and web development teams that can keep up with your pace.

Nowadays, you simply need many pieces to work together in harmony 100% of the time: For example: web services, APIs, custom apps, hardware, software, etc. .

In comes Opsgenie, an automated system for status updates, notifications, and alerts. Opsgenie makes sure that all the components involved in your IT efforts keep being stable, reliable and secure.

Sure, they’ll still have performance issues. But when they do, Opsgenie customizable and intuitive setup will automatically notify on-call staff; at lightning speeds.

Opsgenie makes sure that important notifications get noticed fast; it sends messages, SMSs, Slack/Microsoft Teams DMs, it can even start video calls with designated on-call employees. 

And if an alert is left unanswered, Opsgenie automatically escalates the issue. Are you trying to get rid of white noise, overwhelming email amounts, and even habitual ignoring of emergencies in your ITSM team? 

Just send us a message, and we’ll get your company up and running on Opsgenie, and a whole suite of Atlassian tools, such as:

Jira Software

Jira Service Management

Jira Work Management



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