With up to 85% of consumers visiting a company’s website before making a purchase, more and more consumers make decisions based on their online experience; the appearance, usability, and accessibility of your website is more important than ever, especially in an increasingly competitive market. This is why quality website development services are essential. 


Website Development Services

1. Website Development

Custom web solutions to your projects are what we excel at. We guide you through the process with all the information you need, save time and achieve more.

2. Website Redesign

We improve the visual appeal, functionalities, and usability of existing web apps. We make websites easier to navigate, and improve the visibility of ads, to maximize their click-through rate (CTR) and ROI.

Why invest in corporate website development?

Our website development consultants focus on website strategy, engagement, navigational paths, user experience journeys, content strategy, prototyping, user interface design, and so much more, to make sure your website is best optimized to generate leads, while being user friendly. 


You will generate revenue by attracting clients and prospects with a robust online presence.


You will seize upsell opportunities by having a well-designed website with professional and engaging content.


You will promote an online image to clients and prospects that is in line with your company’s branding.


You will put your company’s unique identity at the fingertips of clients, providing the right storyline behind your business and what drives it towards the future.

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Need to Enhance Your
Website with a Custom Web App?

If you’re looking for a web application to help your business, one that is easy-to-use, scalable, and custom-made for your company, we can build a user-friendly CMS that allows for hassle-free editing of every aspect of your value-added application.

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Why Work with Us?

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Completely Vested

Whilst most of our competitors can’t wait to land projects, we invest time into fully understanding you and your goals. Over 90% of all our budgets go into over-delivering for our clients. Simply put, we invest your money back into you, to get more and better results every month.

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Extensive expertise

We help you improve current systems or build fully bespoke projects. We’ve built everything
from Web Apps, IoT Solutions, Websites, eCommerce Stores, and Mobile Apps. Our engineers can work alongside your team and add value to projects in PHP (Laravel, Symfony, WordPress), SQL, Javascript, React, Angular, C, Java, Rails, Python, and 50 other tech stacks. We can also provide Support and Quality Assurance on your internal projects.

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Full-cycle app design and development

Full-cycle app design and development is what we do the best. Right from ideation, and prototyping, to rapidly launching an MVP in the market, we not only streamline the entire process but stick with you till the very end.

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Faster Delivery Time

Each one of our software clients enjoys industry-best delivery times, without having to compromise on quality. If we can’t hit your deadline, very few others can.

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Handcrafted modern design

The 100% hand-crafted design we provide combines innovation and modern skills, delivering clean-looking, mobile responsive, and functionally compelling web apps. The principles of simplicity, subtlety, and absolute consistency are included in every design we do.

Innovate in your field and stay above the curve.

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Wesrom’s Web Design Portfolio

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Autism Assistant aims to make all autism resources and service providers easily available to parents of autistic children.

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ProLite is a top-notch auto glass shop, a preferred insurance repair shop for automotive, fleet, and truck glass.

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Better Topics is a replayable card game for couples wishing to strengthen their relationship by asking meaningful questions.

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Splat Pest Control is an established, pest control company, specializing in domestic and commercial pest treatment services.

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Logo Image

Robert Indries is the CEO of Wesrom, wealth advisor, and owner of 8 businesses generating 7-figures.

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The Institute of Sales Training is the ultimate enablement program for all sales teams that have ever-increasing sales targets and want to keep growing.

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Wesrom’s Website Development Cycle

We apply a smart and systematic approach to deliver exceptional websites. We follow Agile, Scrum, and Kanban methodologies for fast and efficient results. 

Phase 1 – Discover and Refine

Our development efforts are based on research. Managing, analyzing, and designing the right solution requires thorough research. We know that the success of our projects includes understanding the client’s perspective and business needs. 

Phase 2 – Create a Visual Prototype

We design a website from the information architecture process. We first create prototypes that are low fidelity. This gives designers an idea of what to expect throughout the design process. Wesrom offers mobile-friendly website design services that focus on providing the best experience for users, whether they are on their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Phase 3 – Develop and construct

Once the design process is completed, it is time to create your website. We’re building websites using WordPress, and other online platforms like Wix.com, Squarespace.com. Most importantly, we build custom websites from scratch using PHP and JavaScript.

Phase 4 – Test and Optimize

Before going LIVE, your website will be examined at all levels: connectivity, back end, response times, user experience, and more. 

Phase 5 – Go Live 

We hit Publish and you and your audience enjoy the final website. 🙂 

Types of Web Development

Web Apps Development

E-commerce Development

Custom Web Development

In Our Clients’ Words

“From my first interaction with Wesrom, I knew these guys were a cut above the rest. I’ve been delighted with their work every step of the way. Wesrom aren’t just contractors to us. They’re our partners. They are truly vested in our success and show up every day to over deliver. I can’t recommend them enough.”

JULIEN BRETEAU, COO, A+ International

“Technical support was fantastic. The team was able to drill down into the work done by my designer and help me understand how to best use the software to t my needs. I’d highly recommend them and would gladly use their services again.”

STEVE THORPE, Associate, Cummings & Co. Realtors

“Without a doubt, the result was both outstanding and very representative of who we are and what we offer. Moreover, we received some valuable technical support and advice, which prevented future undesirable situations and supplementary investment.”

RANIA TSAKMAKIDOU, General Manager, Elenic Events

“Partnering with Wesrom has helped me fill the gaps in my business with Marketing and Web Development. Additionally, having a sounding board for ideas and how to improve has been invaluable support.”


“You guys have been awesome, especially with the rushes and changes these past couple days. The site looks AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH. Really appreciate your team’s work and patience with all my changes!”


“Wesrom really captured the essence of the brand with their design aesthetics and were more than accommodating on any tweaks I wanted made. I received a site that was not only beautifully designed, but also very user-friendly and intuitive for my clients. I would highly recommend them and would work with them again on any other project I needed designed.”

EMILY SWANK, CEO, Autism Assistant

Website Development FAQ

1. What is the difference between web design and web development?

Web design is the process of building a website using visual images and text. It’s a creative process that combines art, aesthetics, and technical skills. Web development is the process of designing a website using code to build it. It’s often done by engineers or programmers. Designers are typically not involved in web development.

2. How to choose a web design agency?

You should choose an agency based on how much time they’ll be spending with you, what their rates are, what type of services they offer, and if they have samples of their previous work.

3. What is full-stack web development?

Full-stack web development is a term used to describe a web application that can be built from the ground up using all of the components: front end, back end, and database. This approach typically involves the use of multiple programming languages to develop web-based applications.

4. What is front-end web development?

Front-end web development is the process of building a website, app, or other interactive software using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It starts with the design and continues until the product is ready to be released to the public. Front-end developers are responsible for figuring out how a product will look and function on the front-end before sending it off to back-end developers who work on server code like PHP/NodeJS.

5. What is back-end web development?

Back-end web development is a type of web application development that involves working with the server-side and programming languages such as PHP or NodeJS. This is in contrast to front-end web development, which consists of most of the work being done on the front side of the website. Since back-end developers typically work with servers, they are usually needed when creating and maintaining websites and apps.

6. What is a wireframe in web design?

Wireframes are the preliminary sketches of how a website or application is going to look like. These sketches are created by designers before the actual product is built. They are used to ensure that all pages on the site follow a similar layout so that they look uniform and don’t conflict with one another. Wireframes help to create a visual representation of the site’s layout, navigation, and content.

7. What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a new way of designing websites that are capable of adjusting the design and layout to fit the screen they’re viewing. The most common type uses responsive CSS, which means that the code adjusts automatically when the viewport size changes. It can also adjust based on the browser window’s width.

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