Bitbucket provides a single environment where you can plan, execute, test and deploy. It’s the only tool you’ll ever need in a cross-functional development space.

In short, it’s your ultimate customizable Git solution. Think about everything that makes Git a great system, and then add these layers on top:

  • Free private repositories.
  • Built for coding and DevOps.
  • Easy peer reviews (inline comments in the source code) and pull requests.
  • Integrated CI/CD (build, test and deploy faster than ever before).
  • Real-time security issues and vulnerabilities monitoring.

Security also extends to the code that’s written. Stored safely in the cloud, accesing it requires a whitelisted IP and a 2-step verification process.

Once coding is done, increase process efficiency by connecting Bitbucket to Jira. Branches, commits, pull requets; all are visible and trackable at a glance in Jira.

What are you waiting for? Streamline your development process and empower your team to reach new professional heights with a full suite of Atlassian options:

Jira Software

Jira Service Management

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