Ensure your product will be both an exciting and successful experience with a digital product strategy. We use methods and tools that focus on your customers’ needs, product viability, and market insights.


Why invest in a custom digital product strategy?

A digital product strategy details the overarching project goals and helps every team member understand exactly what success looks like. It provides a collective purpose and lays out every single component for the entire product development lifecycle.


Assess what it will take to accomplish your strategic objective


Prioritize your chosen opportunities to maximize value


Articulate your vision, define the overarching goals, define the critical outcomes necessary, and outline the collective purpose for your product.


Answer strategic questions about what the product is, who it’s for, why people would want to use it, why it stands out from the competition, and why it is worthwhile for your company to invest in it.


Have input for the product roadmap. The roadmap states how the strategy is going to be implemented and describes how the product is likely to evolve over time.

How do we do it?

Step 1.

Concept Validation and Development

At Wesrom, before starting to develop any products, we recommend partners engage in an initial Discovery phase, as part of the concept validation process, whereby we assess the viability of your concepts from every angle.

Through concept validation research, you will be able to discover if your product is aligned with the needs of your target user base — whether that’s in-house staff, loyal clients, or the mass market, and if/how it can be technically built in a feasible manner.

Moreover, through analysis of concepts you will get valuable, relevant data, such as insights, recommendations, and answers to questions regarding your product’s concept.

Step 2.

Usability Research and Testing

User research and usability testing are crucial in the UX design process when launching a new product or rethinking one that has already been released. User research is the process of discovering what motivates a user.

It can be achieved by using surveys, interviews, or focus groups. Understanding your users will help you to find out their preferences and an individual’s aptitude which will then motivate your decisions for marketing strategies.

Usability testing, on the other hand, is the best way to evaluate a product’s ease of use in order to see how users interact with it, and then identify usability issues in the user experience.

Step 3.

User Experience Design

UX Design is an essential part of the product development process and refers to the process of thinking beyond design aesthetics and making constant improvements on various paths which users take to reach their goal.

Whether that’s a website, an app, or any other piece of software, we help you create the most optimal path, which therefore becomes seamless for your customer.

The purpose of this process is to increase customer loyalty, making users choose and recommend your product over other mediums.

Why Work with Us?

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Completely Vested

Whilst most of our competitors can’t wait to land projects, we invest time into fully understanding you and your goals. Over 90% of all our budgets go into over-delivering for our clients. Simply put, we invest your money back into you, to get more and better results every month.

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54% More Productivity

Our strategies, systems, and tools help teams and individuals perform better and get more results than they ever thought possible. Not in six months, but right now.

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Business Acumen

Whilst most of our competitors can’t wait to land projects, we invest time into fully understanding you and your goals. We challenge assumptions, do our own research, then work with you to deduce what exactly needs to be done to attain the outcomes you truly want.

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World-Class Communication

Every Wesrom staff member, no matter their role, is extensively trained in public speaking and writing skills. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who’ll send you weekly detailed updates on all aspects of our engagement and have regular update calls to answer any questions.

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Better Sales Results

Our digital product strategy services will typically get sales teams to deliver 2-10X more sales in less than 90 days.

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200% Faster Delivery Time

Each one of our software clients enjoys industry-best delivery times, without having to compromise on quality. If we can’t hit your deadline, very few others can.

Innovate in your field and stay above the curve.

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In Our Clients’ Words

“From my first interaction with Wesrom, I knew these guys were a cut above the rest. I’ve been delighted with their work every step of the way. Wesrom aren’t just contractors to us. They’re our partners. They are truly vested in our success and show up every day to over deliver. I can’t recommend them enough.”

JULIEN BRETEAU, COO, A+ International

“Technical support was fantastic. The team was able to drill down into the work done by my designer and help me understand how to best use the software to my needs. I’d highly recommend them and would gladly use their services again.”

STEVE THORPE, Associate, Cummings & Co. Realtors

“Without a doubt, the result was both outstanding and very representative of who we are and what we offer. Moreover, we received some valuable technical support and advice, which prevented future undesirable situations and supplementary investment.”

RANIA TSAKMAKIDOU, General Manager, Elenic Events

“Our collaboration with Wesrom has led us to make great progress by implementing metrics and systems in everything we do. Our organization is now a “High-Class Consultant” within the fundraising sector of Mexico. Thank you!”

ALBERTO VELASCO, Director of Development, Fundacion Nosotros Los Jovenes

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