Your business teams are spread across a number of sectors: marketing, sales, HR, finance, accounting, operations, design, etc. Traditionally, each department is focused on its own set of goals.

That’s a very detrimental practice for your organization. When no one’s respecting the bigger picture, you can’t achieve the overall organizational objectives. You can’t efficiently deliver what was promised for a project.

Another common issue is being spread thin over a number of to-do’s. The tasks are known, but they’re not clear. It’s not easy to understand how everything will tie together or what the point of it all is. 

Jira Work Management drastically improves operational and tactical efficiency.

Strategies and roadmaps become easily visible and accessible to all relevant employees. 

Everything’s neatly structured using 3 steps:

  1. Work gets segmented into “issues”. Issues are simply tasks, which can be of any nature. Issues can be visualized in kanban or scrum boards. Each project can have its own boards.
  2. Issues follow efficient workflows. You have a built-in visual workflow that allows everyone (or those with permissions) to see and track the status of any task. You have multiple ready-to-go templates to choose from.
  3. Work is managed by administrators. Defining workflows, configuring projects, controlling user level access, managing user licenses, etc.

However, don’t stop at this product. There’s a whole suite of Atlassian tools we can place at your disposal as certified partners.

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