As you grow and scale your company, your teams will steadily become more high velocity. Jira Service Management is your go-to solution for all of your ITSM needs.

Essentially, it’s a help desk with a self-service portal. Support agents have queues and categories of requests from both employees and customers.

Everything is very visual and sorted into trackable columns.

DevOps, IT, HR, Legal, Marketing, Finance; all departments are going to benefit from a faster response to change, emergenices and daily requirements.

Additionally, you’re guaranteeing a great experience for your customers too.

JSM is flexibility and adaptability without the complexities of classic ITSM.

What’s more, Jira Service Management is open and collaborative. It encourages communication and cross-departmental teamwork.

At the same time, JSM natively integrates with Atlassian’s Confluence. This is basically your company’s knowledge base. A universal source of truth which can contain whatever you want to add to it.

The knowledge base is readily available to both support agents and end users using the JSM portal, potentially bypassing a ticket submission altogether. 

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