How often have you had issues with project requirements and the flow of information? Sometimes, it feels like everyone is speaking a different language and that knowledge is completely fragmented.

It’s time to stop all of that. No more Google .docs with forgotten names. No more talking with a multitude of people to try and make sense of bits and pieces of information. No more lack of structure.

Confluence works in “pages” and “spaces”:

  • Pages are work documents. Team members edit and collaborate on them.
  • Spaces are zones for your pages. For individuals, teams, projects.

Everything’s easy to organize with labels and search for with advanced parameters. For even more intuitevness, chose one of over 75 templates (completely customizable too). And that’s not the end of it.

Confluence integrates seamlessly with Jira, providing a complete work environment. Additionally, management is a breeze, with permissions controlling who can access what.

If something is important, it goes in Confluence; as simple as that. Don’t waste any time and begin the change today with a variety of Atlassian services:

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Jira Service Management

Jira Work Management



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