We do our best to give members every perk of a successful entrepreneur’s lifestyle, but without the extra risk or worry attached.

Monthly, stable income you can count on, right from the start. We believe money by itself doesn’t make anyone happy, but it sure helps.
Work from home, another city, or even another continent, whilst still growing your career. We encourage you to travel as much as you wish and enjoy our world’s beautiful places and experiences.
Though our passion for our craft makes most of us put in a few extra hours, no one will ever tell you to work outside of your schedule. Not a peer, nor a team leader, and not even the CEO.
Want to go on a trip from Friday to Monday? Go for it! Feel like you just don’t wanna work today? No worries! As long as you delivered your due tasks, or asked a team member to help you, we don’t mind.
At every hiring anniversary, Leadership gives out either cash bonuses or other gifts to all members.
Whether you’re interested in gaining skills within your career, or you want to learn something outside of work, it’s OK with us. We support any initiative you feel adds value to you, as a person. This includes conferences, books, courses, and so on.

Last updated by Wesrom Leadership in October 2018.

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