The simple rules holding us all together, ensuring every Wesrom Member becomes one of the most capable professionals in their field, whilst enjoying and finding pride in their work.

– Tell your team when you need their help or can’t meet a deadline. We’re here to help.
– Over-communicate. Leave no room for misunderstanding. Write it down clearly.
– Provide constructive feedback whenever available. Don’t keep anything inside.
– Add more value than anyone has any right to expect. Always over-deliver.
– Be self-reliant. Learn what you need to know and get it done.
– Obsess over the quality of your work. Defy mediocrity. Embrace excellence.
– Allow yourself to fall in love with your craft. Let your results speak for themselves.
– Consciously seek to become a bit better every week. Learn, practice, grow.
– Push yourself. If it’s not a bit uncomfortable, then you’re doing it wrong.
– Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
– Remember you’re working with and for real people. Be patient and understanding.
– Use kindness and generosity in all your words and actions. Let others feel you care.
– Always ask yourself questions such as: Is this useful? Can this be done any easier?
– Proactively find ways to make your and others lives better, one way or another.
– Don’t reinvent the wheel. Open your mind and ask for help often.
– Travel, see, experience, enjoy. Life has so much to offer. Go for it. We’re paying.
– Design a career that you do not need a vacation from. Make it part of who you are.
– Let yourself dream, and fight for what you want. Your dreams don’t work until you do.

Last updated by Wesrom Leadership in August 2019.