Android Apps have the advantage of a common base code, which makes custom apps easier and faster to configure. This leaves more time for our developers to focus on the app’s user interface (UI) aspect with efficiency in mind. It also makes for a smoother feedback process and any resulting change request can be carried out at any given time.

Although most of the Android app development process tends to run smoothly, we at Wesrom prefer to check in at every step of the way with regular QA assessments. This ensures the final outcome meets all project requirements and is free of any software errors. 

Once all testing is complete and every stakeholder agrees the app is ready for live testing, we will work with you through the Google Play Store app submission process. All rights to both the Android app and the adjacent software belong entirely to you.


If you believe we might be able to help with something you are working on, or would like our honest feedback, please use the form below.