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Unlock Your Development Team’s Potential With Jira Software

The rapid innovation across IT sectors has prompted an important change in how software and web apps are made. That’s where a Jira implementation comes in.

Thanks to its developer-centric features, it will enable your staff to plan, track, release and report like never before. Shipping products & product updates early and often becomes a breeze.

Cross-team collaboration is made easy, with tools dedicated to communication, cooperation and professional DevOps.

Jira services aligns the goals of your development and business teams, assuring a flawless technical process and your client’s satisfaction.

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Project management, cross-team collaboration and Agile software development.

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Jira Software is specifically designed for fast-pace development teams that work in a dynamic environment. It enables staff to react quickly to change, assuring that features are delivered on time.

At the same time, Jira promotes flexibility & adaptability. Do your requirements tend to change slightly after the deal is signed? Are additional feature requests common? Jira makes integrating new elements easy for your teams.

Jira is used by worldwide brands like VISA, eBay, Square and Cisco.

  • Shorten development time & deliver more often.
  • Cut up lengthy projects into manageable “bite-sized” sprints.
  • Maintain standards of quality and reduce the pressure of workloads.
  • Rethink how you work with customizable Agile workflows.
  • Plan tasks easily with visual “story” and “issue” cards.
  • Assign tasks transparently on kanban and scrum boards.
  • Assign each task a priority level. Track them in real-time.
  • Report progress with only a few clicks (even automatically).
  • Create simple and straightforward project roadmaps.
  • Complete control and customization of enhanced security features.


Atlassian Partner

Coding doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Everything a developer makes must work together with what their colleagues are doing. This requires the use of a version control system (like GIT) by the entire team.

GIT then communicates with the global repository of all source code, which is hosted on Atlassian Bitbucket. All changes are peer reviewed and then merged together in a single, trackable, manageable space.

Thanks to this, Jira works hand-in-hand with Bitbucket. All pull requests, commits and deploys in Bitbucket are translated to Jira, becoming visual and understandable to anyone.


Collaboration is key for delivering top-quality software products. Jira services & Bitbucket are the future, and we’re ready to help you reach it fast.

As certified Atlassian partners, we can handle all the needed stages for you. Acquisition (with a discount!), installation, setup, deployment, data migration, training, consulting, and whatever else you need.

All you need to do is get in touch with us.

Better code quality thanks to a focus on DevOps.

Native integration with Jira. Easy traceability of pull requests, branches and deployments.

Complete control over access rights to source code.

In-line commenting for all pull requests. Simple code review and collaboration.

Custom API (Cloud Rest) for building third-party apps.

Continuous deployments and testing (CI/CD). Ideal for coding in sprints.

Real-time monitoring and reporting of security vulnerabilities for code and containers.

Built-in tracker for issues and bugs. Configurable fields.

Old tools repositories import.

And more!

Project management, cross-team collaboration and Agile software development.

(discount available!)