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With Jira (Atlassian products), you establish a direction and unite the efforts of your staff. “Work” becomes a series of “issues”, each sorted in their own task.

Jira’s visual workflows are easy to follow and understand. Dependencies become clear, and team communication instantly improves.

Jira services are your first step towards a more unified view of work. You can plan, track and report with ease, connecting all of your departments. Break down information silos and provide simple to follow process & procedure templates.

Revolutionize How You Do ITSM Or Anyother Type Of XaaS.
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Why Choose Jira Services
& Other Atlassian Solutions

Atlassian Partner

Atlassian asset management is the ultimate way of breaking the Development – Operations barrier. Cross-team collaboration is the way of the future.

DevOps and business teams goal-alignment is how you’ll get there.

Jira’s incident management and issue tracking features lets everyone be in the captain’s chair at once. This goes hand-in-hand with Confluence and Opsgenie.

With a simple & streamlined view of work, teams across the board can easily pinpoint who’s working on what. It’s also clear when cooperation is required, and what the ETA and dependencies of a task are.

As issues arise, they become part of Agile workflows that always make task allocation a breeze.

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Built for high-velocity IT support agents.

Built in self-ticketing platform that enhances response times or completely eliminates the need for responses.

Fast submission & fast solutions for both customers & staff.

Segments requests, issues and incidents into small batches of work.

Comes with ready-to-go efficient workflows and templates.

Flexible processes that adjust to team preferences.

Create tasks directly from JSM support tickets.

Request queues for triaging and grouping tickets depending on urgency.

Alternatively, go for completely automated ticket sorting.

Easy integration of Slack & Microsoft Teams conversations.

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Centralize business processes and procedures.

Facilitate easy access to information for all staff.

Easily document relevant knowledge for projects.

Sort documents in 2 steps: create Pages, place them in Spaces.

Encourage active teamwork & collaboration.

Benefit from over 75 pre-built templates.

Decentralize information flow across teams.

Empower self-reliance and proactivity.

Automatically notify staff when information is updated.

Comprehensive user access management.

Native integrations with Jira.

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Centralize all alerts and notifications from web services.

Always-on software that exclusively pings on-call staff.

Automatically inform the right people about incidents.

Expedite critical response times.

Help restore normal working worder effectively & efficiently.

Automatically escalate incident alerts in case they aren’t addressed.

Multiple channel approach for reaching critical personnel.

Facilitate communication between relevant people for an incident.

Define appropriate responses for any type of incident.

Post-mortem reports for identifying issue root causes.

Real-time tracking and syncing with web service alerts and notificaitons.

Over 200 possible integrations.

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Built for Agile business teams (marketing, legal, HR, design, ops, finance, sales)
Enables easy & efficient collaboration.

Goal alignment across departments.

Significantly improves daily operational efficiency by breaking down work into tangible tasks.

Creates a shared space by all team members. Visible task backlog and allocation with only a few clicks.

Empowers project participation by clearly defining the roles and purpose of all employees.

Work is broken down into issues that become part of customizable workflows. Everything’s managed by administrators.

Clear and easy to follow dependencies interconnectivity.

Eliminates one department stalling another. Creates simple work continuity.

5 types of structuring, viewing and updating issues (list, board, timeline, calendar and form view).

Start work immediately by using one of the 20+ project templates.

Atlassian Partner


Atlassian work management functions flawlessly because all versions of Jira share the same architecture. Information can be shared at the push of a button between platforms.

Requests and updates always reach who they’re supposed to, in the most efficient manner. Jira’s support desk and cross-team collaboration features make sure of that.

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