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Design, Deliver & Manage IT Better With Atlassian ITSM

Jira Service Management and Opsgenie are built to improve how your business provides IT services to end users. They’re optimal tools for both in-house use, and for catering to customer’s needs.

ITSM is all about aligning your IT with your business vision. Getting all of your goals on the same page at an organizational level. This leads to growth and scalability.

ITSM is all about aligning your IT with your business vision. Getting all of your goals on the same page at an organizational level. This leads to growth and scalability.

Atlassian products will help you improve your ITSM by:

  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Guaranteeing higher ROI in under 6 months.
  • Improving the efficiency of IT support teams.
  • Clearly defining staff roles and priorities.
  • Creating a set of standard IT processes.
  • Setting service quality expectations.
  • Reducing risk & uncertainty.
  • Empowering cross-team collaboration.
  • Enabling request coordination.
  • Facilitating quick incident response.
Revolutionize how you do ITSM or any other type of XaaS.
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Atlassian Partner

You must focus on the business’s market strategy, service portfolio, demand management, financial management and PR.

Atlassian solutions come in to assure IT service continuity in an ever-changing workspace. Tools such as Jira Service Management and Opsgenie help you transition your teams to be Agile-workflows oriented.

To become high-velocity support experts that are able to efficiently deal with dynamic requests. In only a few short months, your company will have evolved its IT asset, incident, change, and service request management.

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Built for high-velocity IT support agents.

Built in self-ticketing platform that enhances response times or completely eliminates the need for responses.

Fast submission & fast solutions for both customers & staff.

Segments requests, issues and incidents into small batches of work.

Comes with ready-to-go efficient workflows and templates.

Flexible processes that adjust to team preferences.

Create tasks directly from JSM support tickets.

Request queues for triaging and grouping tickets depending on urgency.

Alternatively, go for completely automated ticket sorting.

Easy integration of Slack & Microsoft Teams conversations.

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Centralize all alerts and notifications from web services.

Always-on software that exclusively pings on-call staff.

Automatically inform the right people about incidents.

Expedite critical response times.

Help restore normal working order effectively & efficiently.

Automatically escalate incident alerts in case they aren’t addressed.

Multiple channel approach for reaching critical personnel.

Facilitate communication between relevant people for an incident.

Define appropriate responses for any type of incident.

Post-mortem reports for identifying issue root causes.

Real-time tracking and syncing with web service alerts and notifications.

Over 200 possible integrations.


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For customers, change can’t happen quickly. It must happen now. It’s enough for them to face incidents or problems a couple of times before they start looking at alternatives.

You can’t allow your business to fall behind its competition. Thankfully, you don’t have to.