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Begin Your Business’s Migration to Atlassian Cloud

Everything–as-a-Service (XaaS) is the business model of the future. However, is your organization ready for the future?

The more time you spend on your own infrastructure, the less you’re investing in growing and scaling. When you choose Atlassian Cloud products, all of your tools get integrated in a unified digital space

There’s no maintenance to do, and no more worries about uptime. With an around the clock uptime SLA of at least 99.95%, your teams don’t need to focus on simply keeping the lights on.

Atlassian Cloud also comes packed in with 24/7 support, with response in 30 minutes for emergencies.

As a certified Atlassian partner, we’ll get you started right away. From acquisition of Atlassian services, to implementation, data migration, setup and training.

Start Your Journey Today Towards Better Workflows, Increased Team Productivity And Continuous Innovation.
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Why Choose Atlassian Cloud?

Atlassian Partner

All of Atlassian’s tools are built around collaboration in the workplace. They cut down information silos, enhance cross-team communication and refocus staff on getting results.

There are 2K+ integration options. Whatever methods you were using for teamwork and ops, you can safely and easily migrate them to the Cloud.

Agile-oriented software such as Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket allow for instantaneous onboarding and eliminate wasted time.

Work is segmented into tangible, visual tasks in Jira Cloud premium. Tasks get sorted into sprints and workflows.

All business processes, procedures and other important information are centralized in Confluence Cloud premium.

Any Git code management is done via Bitbucket. Planning, executing, collaborating, testing and deploying becomes a breeze.

Incident management transitions from a laborious and annoying process to a non-problem automated process via Opsgenie.

Operations and Development become a singular, coordinated effort (DevOps).

IT, Development, Ops and Business teams get and stay on the same page via work transparency and built-in ticketing systems.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing marketing, sales, HR, finance or high-velocity ITSM. You’re still going to need:

  • Automation for repetitive tasks (like reporting).
  • Native roadmaps for easy dependency management and flexible project types.
  • Insights about how work is done for future performance optimization.
  • Centralized administration with built-in user access & permissions control.
  • Real-time security features such as IP allowlisting and enforced 2FA.
  • Complete visibility of task allocation.
  • Business templates for your HR and legal teams.
  • Custom knowledge base that integrates with all other Atlassian tools.
  • Agile workflows for dynamic teams that work around constant change.
Atlassian Partner