We don’t have any job openings in Wesrom. But if you’re interested in building a life-long career, then we’d definitely like to meet you.

We are a nonhierarchical organization composed of passionate professionals. This means the people making decisions are also the ones implementing them.

You might fit in well at Wesrom if you enjoy teaching yourself whatever you need in order to get things done, and if you enjoy working with a team.


To help you build the lifestyle you want.

Stable Salary

Monthly, stable income you can count on, right from the start. Money by itself doesn’t make anyone happy, but it sure helps.

Borderless career

Work from home, another city, or even another continent, whilst still growing your career. We encourage you to travel as much as you wish and enjoy our world’s beautiful places and experiences.

40-Hour work weeks

Though our passion for our craft makes most of us put in a few extra hours, no one will ever tell you to work outside of your schedule. Not a peer, nor a team leader, and not even the CEO.

Unlimited Vacation Days

Want to go on a trip from Friday to Monday? Go for it! Feel like you just don’t wanna work today? No worries! As long as you delivered your due tasks, or asked a team member to help you, we don’t mind.

Education Allowance

Whether you’re interested in gaining skills within your career, or you want to learn something outside of work, it’s OK with us. We support any initiative you feel adds value to you, as a person.

Here’s who we’re looking for:

As a Wesrom Director of Sales & Revenue, you will leverage your expertise and knowledge to effectively manage relationships and new business opportunities. You will be working closely with the Wesrom executive team and customer success teams.

Your compensation will include a base salary as well as a commission OR only a significant commission, based on your preference.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manages all team members which are part of Wesrom’s revenue generation initiatives and is responsible for their results, even if those people are in other departments.
  • Works together with all Wesrom Directors and finds at least one way to increase revenue within each Division every month.
  • Conducts weekly spot checks on the work of all their direct reports to ensure work is being done and processes are being followed.
  • Sets monthly, quarterly and yearly marketing and sales targets for themselves and their direct reports.
  • Creates and ensures the real-time updating of in-depth marketing and sales KPI reports and determines most prioritative areas to improve based on these reports.
  • Insists on realistic expectations being set from the beginning of any and all stakeholder relationships.
  • Ensures current clients are being upsold or cross sold whenever appropriate and that they renew their contracts at least 30 days before they are due.
  • Finds and implements effective marketing and sales initiatives that 2-10X Wesrom every year.
  • Holds weekly meetings with all direct reports to track progress, brainstorm solutions, and set priorities for the next week.
  • Uses Personal Development Plans (PDPs) with each team member to keep track of important feedback provided to them and ensure they grow as professionals
  • Considers the likely needs of Wesrom in the future to help it achieve its goals and ensures we’re always ready to take on new opportunities


  • At least 2 years of sales leadership experience.
  • At least 5 years of hands-on sales experience selling high-ticket / complex solutions.
  • In depth understanding of sales processes, sales methodologies (ideally value selling), and sales KPI.
  • Embraces all of Wesrom’s core values and has outstanding conduct towards both other members and outside stakeholders. Ability to warmly receive and provide feedback without getting offended, annoyed, or defensive.
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
  • Strong communication, listening, presentation, and negotiation skills.
  • Accountability – Does not point fingers at anyone or anything they consider suboptimal, but instead finds ways to work with and help the team grow as a whole.
  • Should have a mindset of self-sustainability, single-handedly finding solutions to challenges, and spreads this mindset within their team
  • Proficiency in using CRM software and other PM software to keep tabs on all projects.