Whether you have a new site or your site has been around for a while, it’s likely that you will have some technical SEO issues that might hinder your website’s rankings. The good news is that most technical SEO issues can be fixed with a few simple actions. From mobile-friendliness to schema markups, our technical SEO experts will ensure that your website leverages its potential, so you can outrank your competitors in organic search.

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Why invest in Technical SEO services?

Our technical SEO services begin with a site-wide audit to identify any technical issues, crawl errors, broken pages, or other site errors. From title tags, meta descriptions, to hreflang tags, we optimize the backend of your website for users and search engine bots, so that you get significantly more and better quality leads for your business.


Your website will get crawled and indexed correctly by search engines, so you can drive more qualified traffic to your website every month.


Your website will be easier to navigate and will load faster, keeping users on your site for longer and turning them into potential customers.


You will build on your organic search performance with multiple link type results that will make an even bigger impact.


Your website will have a strong technical foundation which will offer a better user experience for your visitors.

Why Work with Us?

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Completely Vested

Over 90% of all our marketing budgets go into over-delivering for our clients. Simply put, we invest your money back into you, to get more and better results every month.

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Results Oriented

Our clients enjoy 5X better reply rates, 3X better close rates and at least 50% shorter sales cycles after implementing our marketing strategies.

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385% More Leads

One of our B2B clients, who offer their services at 6-figures, wanted to grow their sales funnel. Within six months, we took them from 14 to 68 incoming monthly leads.

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World-Class Communication

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who’ll send you weekly detailed updates on all aspects of our engagement and have regular update calls to answer any questions.

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150% Better SEO

We obsess over measuring the real impact our work has for our clients. On average, our clients enjoy a 300% increase in organic traffic in 10 months after implementing our SEO recommendations.

Innovate in your field and stay above the curve.

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In Our Clients’ Words

“Working with Wesrom Digital has been such a cool experience. We had sales meetings booked after the first hour. By the end of the first week my calendar was full for the following week. Their results have been better than I could have imagined and I was also educated during the process.”

EMILY SWANK, CEO, Autism Assistant

“I will make $12,500 in commission and $125,000 in sales. […] It comes out to $150,000 in commissions, and 1.5 million in sales each year, and little by little I am getting these numbers. […] Was just on a call for a dream client, it’s like 90% likely it will go through.”


“You’ve generated over $1MM in [extra] closed revenue for us in the first 6 months. That meant 16% OVER our projected revenue goals for the year.”

TOM TANCREDI, United States

“You’ve helped us bring in over $100,000 within the first 3 months of implementing everything! Best investment we’ve ever made!”

ALEX SCHRECK, United States

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