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Sales Manager

We're looking for an extremely result-driven sales manager who’s very fast at picking up our services, scripts, and process, is great at training and managing others to hit their revenue targets, and doesn’t drop the ball on anything we have in the pipeline.

What you'd do:

  • Know our sales process inside-out (incl. offer, scripts, etc.) and ensure people follow
  • Keep track of what sales people are doing by the hour via text messages
  • Listen into calls and/or sales recordings to make sure people follow process
  • Provide feedback to sales people to make sure they close deals in 2 calls
  • Take responsibility for hiring and firing people (100% of your KPIs are based on them
  • Respond to emails and resolve any issues with your teams
  • Make sure our pipeline is updated and you can report weekly on numbers
  • Other tasks related to sales


  • You have an outstanding track record in sales
  • You’ve already closed off millions (or at least 6-figures) in B2B sales
  • Great written and verbal communication skills are a must


If you feel you were perfectly described above, we invite you to use the form bellow to apply for the role. Please include both a CV and a covering letter.

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