Let’s Get People Talking About You

Have you ever heard of Deko? No? Oh, how interesting. What about Samsung? Yeah, we thought so. They both have large-scale manufacturing lines of high-quality refrigerators, so why have we heard only of Samsung?

I’m sure you already know the answer. Samsung is a leader within a variety of manufacturing industries, just like LG and Sony.

Millions of people every day are talking about services and products similar to yours. Are you part of the discussion?

Being there for your ideal clients in the exact moments they require guidance is one of the best ways to grow your status as a thought leader.

The main issue is there’s no easy way to do this. It takes dozens of hours of consistent, weekly grunt work to effectively engage in PR initiatives.

But you don’t need to worry. This is where we come in.

All The Work Done For You

We consider our client’s time as valuable as gold. We work tirelessly every week, keep you updated on everything we do, and otherwise only interact with you if we need to or if you have any questions. Our team of digital marketers will:

  • Scour the web for any discussions about services similar to yours
  • Create and maintain databases with influencers within your industry
  • Nurture relationships with key people such as reporters and hosts
  • Brainstorm ideas about how to add value to your audience
  • Compose and send out pitches to key people
  • Write great articles and get them seen by your target audience
  • Design presentations and write talking points for you
  • Join and engage within online groups, communities, and discussions

We’ve Done This Before

Hiring us means you’ll get access to proven systems and tactics that have generated real results, time and time again. Our strategies and efforts will get you:

  • Mentioned in news sites
  • Featured in magazines
  • Invited to speak at events
  • Interviewed on podcasts
  • Published on large blogs
  • Talked about all over the web

Benefits of Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership (otherwise known as Public Relations) allows you to reach people you might have never come in contact with any other way and get those people to trust your brand above your competitors. Effective PR helps you to:

  • Control your image and success on the Internet
  • Improve visibility of positive mentions of your company
  • Deal with criticism head-on to eliminate it’s negative effects
  • Build a strong brand and a name within your industry
  • More direct links back to your website from all over the web
  • More and higher quality leads that convert faster
  • Have access to better talent if you want to recruit
  • Be top-of-mind for thousands of potential clients

Simple, Flat, Fixed Pricing

Thought Leadership (PR) packages start at $5,000/mo. No hidden prices, no unpleasant surprises, no extra fees. Whatever package we agree on will have a fixed monthly price and nothing else.

All packages have a 6-month minimum engagement. We hand-pick all of the people we serve and only work with people that are passionate about their business and serious about its growth.

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