You Want More Clients. Now.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns increase brand awareness and bring you a constant and relatively predictable flow of new business.

Still, we only recommend PPC campaigns if you feel you need more clients right now or if you’d like to boost the efforts of other long-term inbound marketing initiatives.

This is because investments in initiatives such as effective content marketing has a long term return. You put money into it now and feel the benefits for months and sometimes even years to come.

On the other hand, every dollar spent into PPC is a dollar that will never come back. Clients from PPC only come whilst actively putting money into it. The moment you stop, the campaign stops.

This doesn’t mean PPC isn’t an effective way to generate clients. On the contrary: well designed ad campaigns can bring in dozens of new clients every month.

If that’s something you want, I invite you to keep reading.

How We Tackle Effective PPC Campaigns

Our proven strategies and processes have generated great returns for our clients on an ongoing basis and sometimes from the very first month.

Complete Business Analysis
  • Perfectly understand the business and its offer
  • Clearly define the target audience
  • Understand pain points and browsing patterns
  • Define business goals and set expectations
  • Engage in keyword research and competitor analysis
PPC Strategy Development
  • Decide what types of ad campaigns to pursue
  • Choose the best keywords to bid for
  • Write copy (i.e. messages) for ads
  • Outline contents of landing pages
Campaign Setup and Landing Page Design
  • Setup Google AdWords and any other ad platform
  • Build our all ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness
  • Generate and install tracking codes for all pages and campaigns
  • Design all initial and ongoing display banners
  • Create optimized landing pages for each campaign
Constant Analysis and Optimization
  • Daily tracking of each campaign’s performance
  • Change bids and keywords depending on trends
  • A/B test and Improve landing pages and copy
  • Design new banners whenever appropriate
  • Monthly performance reports and quarterly reviews

Simple, Flat, Fixed Pricing

Ad Campaign Management packages start at $2,000/mo. This includes every single part of the above process, including the development of landing pages, design of banners, keyword research, and constant campaign optimization.

 All packages have a 6-month minimum engagement. We hand-pick all of the people we serve and only work with people that are passionate about their business and serious about its growth.

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