You Want To Develop A Great App

Though there are thousands of freelancers and mobile app development agencies out there, the quality of work, the speed of delivery, and the effectiveness of ongoing communication vary tremendously between them.

Because of such variety, it’s not actually easy to choose who to go with. Everyone has their own bragging rights. Some have attractive prices, others seem to be great at design, others have worked on more complicated projects, and so on.

This page is for those of you who want to build a beautiful, fully-functional app users will love, and at the same time, enjoy the process. You want to work with a team that knows what they’re doing and can guarantee you get what you were promised. Not just verbally, but on a real, legally binding contract.

We can do just that.

We’ve done it before and we can do it again.

Not only did they stick to the promised timeline, they blew us away with the amount of detail they delivered. The best part about working with them was how they kept a line of communications open throughout the process, if we ever had any questions or input they responded immediately.

Steve Cimino

CEO, Cookfeed TV

Our Mobile App Development Process

We’ve been building apps for a while now and take pride in being in the top 5% within our industry, with both the veteran developers and the clearly defined processes to prove it.

We don’t expect you to know any of this — you’re busy with other parts of the business. That’s why we have dedicated project and customer success managers that make sure your experience with us is world-class, regardless of your level of experience in the field.


Most agencies either ignore this phase altogether or fail to give it the importance and careful consideration it deserves. We consider Discovery a crucial first step because it brings everyone on the same page. We will:

  • Hold 1 – 2 Discovery calls
  • Determine and clearly defining your goals and expectations
  • Answer all questions you have regarding app development

After we’re clear on goals, expectations, and any other details about your app, we start putting everything into perspective. We will:

  • Describe the functions of a Minimum Viable Product (an MVP)
  • Outline a development roadmap
  • List out required resources
  • Draft the services proposal
  • Hold 1 – 2 Strategy calls

As soon as the strategy is fully aligned with your goals and all other formalities are handled, we start by putting pen to paper. We will:

  • Draw the wireframes (the app’s blueprint)
  • Map out the user flows (UX)
  • Design the overall interface (UI)
  • Hold 1 – 2 Presentation calls

Projects progress best when everything’s clearly laid out and developers work best when they know exactly what the end product will do and how it will look. Now that all of that is handled, we will:

  • Set up the dev environment
  • Design and architect the database
  • Develop the core features of the app
  • Implement the UI and UX
  • Provide open communication at all times

A few weeks after the development phase starts, you’ll be granted access to our sandbox, where you’ll be able to download the app for yourself and test every feature as it comes out. We will:

  • Teach you how you can test the app on your own phone
  • Tell you whenever we finish specific parts of the app
  • Apply any minor changes made to the initial concept

When all of the core features of the MVP are fully functional and the app looks and feels as expected, it’s time to take it to market. We will:

  • Submit your app to the Apple App and/or Google Play Stores
  • Soft Launch: 1 – 2 weeks of live testing and (maybe) adjustments
  • Hard Launch: You can start implementing your promo campaigns
Ongoing Support

The moment everything is ready and deployed, we automatically go into the phase of ongoing support. Depending on your contract’s size, this phase can last between 2 to 12 months. We will:

  • Rapidly fix any unforeseen issues that come up
  • Provide ongoing technical support and answer any questions

Your Investment

Like any piece of software, mobile apps vary widely in terms of development cost. Some features require advanced programming which can drastically increase resource requirements.

For a basic mobile app you should expect to spend a minimum of $36,000, but again, depending on what you need, this can go up to 6-figures very fast.

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