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Did you know that nothing really “is”? But rather the only thing that exists is “your own perception” of what is?

I’m sure you knew… but then, why do I keep hearing people saying things like “That’s a lot of money.” or “I cannot possibly earn that much” or even “Why bother? It’s way too complicated either way.”

I’ve been a money manager since I know myself. Taking good care of every penny I earn and always focusing on getting better ROI (Return on Investment).

Yes, even when I was in kindergarten and my dad used to send me to buy something, I would then return with the item and 100% of the change (never be dishonest… NEVER) and then just stick around for a few seconds hoping I would get a penny or two. 🙂

Can you imagine?? “Working” 5 minutes for 1 penny?? 😀

Of course, my hourly income went up a bit since then, but my hunger to serve others and just genuinely be useful to those around me stayed the same.

Though I was always concerned with money (not having any helps a lot), my true financial education started in 2012, when my entire life changed because of this 1 simple habit.

Where does the money come from?

At an awards gala hosted by the company I was working for back then, I was to receive an award for excellent sales results and team coordination.

The award itself and the recognition were great, but one of the gifts left a mark on me that was infinitely more important and life-changing.

I received the book entitled “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth” and written by T. Harv Eker.

It was fascinating. The first book on wealth that I have ever read!

The book has tens of wonderful lessons regarding how money works and, if you’re not a millionaire yet, I suggest reading it. 🙂

I’ll share with you today two lessons I’ve personally adopted into my life.

1. Your financial thermometer

Mr. Eker explains how the mind works. The concept is simple: If you are earning $1000 per month, earning $10,000 per month seems “too far out”, but, on the other hand, if you earn $10K per month, you wouldn’t even think of going back to a measly $1K.

There is abundance in the world. Make a month-by-month goal for yourself to increase your monthly earning by a minimum of 2%.
If you earn $1,000 now, can you earn $1,020 next month? Of course you can. Find a way.
Does 2% sound like too little? Well dear reader… A 2% monthly increase over 10 years (120 months) will lead you to a monthly income of over $10,000!! 10 Times more than what you’re earning today (aka: You will then make in a month almost as much as you make now in a year 🙂

Fast hint: A 3% monthly increase over 10 years will take that 1K to 36K/month. Think about it. 🙂

1. The 6 Accounts from the Financial Freedom Formula

Divide every $ received into 6 accounts:

1. Financial Freedom – 10% – Money you put aside in a secure growth account and you NEVER touch! NO exceptions!
2. Long Term Savings – 10% – Money you save to buy more expensive things.
3. Necessities – 55% – Money you spend on rent/food/clothes/electricity/etc.
4. Education – 10% – Money you invest back into yourself. You are your own company and, just like any other company, you need to be constantly reinvesting profits to sustain growth.
5. Play – 10% – Money you have fun with. Going to the cinema, to a restaurant, a board game, etc.
6. Give – 5% – Money you freely give to away. Find a cause you believe in and help those who volunteer make the vision a reality.

I intentionally bolded only the account names and not the %, because the % vary from person to person, family to family, but a consensus should be reached and followed. Changes can, of course, be made later.

Remember: Being poor or becoming poor may happen, but STAYING poor is a decision.

Becoming rich is simple

I didn’t say easy, just simple.

Do you want to know the only way to accumulate wealth?

Spend less than you earn and invest the difference. That’s it. Simple.

There is NO workaround for this. Even if you win the lottery or inherit a fortune, you still need to follow the same rule, or risk getting into a worse situation that before.

Do you want to know the only way to get rich faster?

Increase the amount you invest monthly.

How? Two ways:

1. Decrease/Eliminate expenses
2. Increase earnings

The first requires you to make a list of everything you truly need and decide upon what “wants” you intend on keeping.
And the second requires you to educate yourself regarding money or your profession or a side-business or investing or anything that attracts your attention.

“Your life, your decisions.” – Robert Indries 🙂

That’s about it for today. Hope I was of service to you. 🙂

For a better tomorrow!

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