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Another challenging month… Just how I like it! Normally we spend many hours on planning and developing strategies for everything that we want to do. This month we found ourselves with ready-made plans for almost everything we needed to do!

We managed to finish all of the projects that we had for our clients so now we’re on the lookout for new ventures! I’ll be sure to keep you updated with the opportunities that will come our way! But, until then, let’s see what we did this may!

Follow-Up Sessions

As you might know, a while ago we’ve had a super-successful launch of our newest product “The Path to a Truly Healthy Body” and this month I was blessed to have a few 1-on-1 chats with some of the participants!

Needless to say, they were awesome! We’ve received a lot of helpful feedback and a few great testimonials that we’ll be sure to add to the description page in the following weeks!

We improved the course…

We literally improved the content from all days of the course! In some places with just a few (very important) paragraphs, but in others with entire sections! It has genuinely become one of the most comprehensive courses on the topic of health that I know of! (And I know quite a few)

Of course, I’m sure that there still are many more improvements to be brought, but I feel that we’re going in the good direction!

… and its description!

I’ve never seen a more beautiful and clear description page than the one we put together after talking to over two dozen people! And yes, I know I’m being biased, but the truth is that a lot of effort has gone into it.

We changed and added many parts to the description so that anyone that wants to learn about the course can get all of the answers they need to make an informed decision. Our goal was to respond to any questions that might arise whilst reading the description, and I think we managed to do just that!

Kept the blog up to date

If last month was hard to post two articles per week, this month it seemed impossible to fit in the ~5 hours for this task. It’s harder and harder to keep up with my commitment, but I think that my current struggle will pay off in time.

I’ve become much more fluent in English and have grately improved my communication skills. I’ve always wondered how highly successful people manage to do everything they do AND maintain an active blog.

Though I’m sure that many of them just hire ghostwriters, I’m sure that a good part are really putting in the hours and adding value to the world through their writings. You all have my respect!

Besides the two posts per week quota that I currently strive to achieve, I decided to start sharing two quotes and my thoughts on them, per week. Be sure to check out the first quote of the series!

Improved the website

Now that we finished the projects that we had, it was time to ask the question: How can we further improve www.wesrom.com. This month the answer was: Live Chat!

We added a live chat system to almost all the pages of the website. This will be super useful for anyone that would has a question regarding something from an article or a product. I will personally be in charge of responding to such queries, but we’ll probably extend the support team later this year.

Other than the live chat system, we also had time to give our software development services page some love! We’ve received a lot of feedback from many different sources and we did our best to implement all of it! We hope you like it!

Finished my first ever eBook!

Yes! Finally! It’s done! After hundreds of hour of writing and editing, the book version of “The Path to a Truly Healthy Body” is finally ready! All current students will receive a complimentary copy and YOU can get a 100% free copy of the book by signing up for the course today!

When I first made the course I can’t remember having the intention of writing the book. I later realised that a book variant of the course would allow anyone that invests in it to have it’s contents accessible on any of their devices without without Internet!

Many, many other wonderful things have happened this May, but these are the main ones. I really hope to start a brand new journey this June, with a team that seems amazing and on a project I would be proud to be a part of! I’ll do my best and keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading and be sure to enjoy the summer!

Creating a better tomorrow,

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