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Let’s stop fighting. Seriously. Why do some people make it so incredibly hard on themselves to achieve what they really want whilst others just seem to “get it right”?

Why do some people set goals to become fit but still decide to be fat? And yes, being fat is a decision. Don’t tell me that people eat by accident… And don’t tell me that “Well, it’s the genetics!” because I don’t think Africa has a problem with obesity…

I personally see life as a game in which some just play better than others.

Learn the rules

Before you can win at any game, you need to learn the rules. I can’t win at Monopoly if I play it like UNO and just get rid of all of the bills in my hand. Nor can I win a soccer game if I keep shooting at my own goal.

If you want to lose weight, first do a bit of research to see what you can and should do. For example, I personally think that going on a diet just to lose weight is ridiculous. On the other hand, deciding to change your eating habits *for a lifetime* sounds very different.

You cannot become financially secure if you don’t save and you cannot become truly rich if you do not invest. I’m sorry, you just can’t. Read the best financial book of all time if you don’t believe me.

Model the masters. Learn from those who do, rather than those who talk. Want to improve the quality of your life? Make some new friends, live or through other materials. Find out how they think and what they do, and then go to the next step.

Make the changes

Nothing in our world changes until we do. Education just gives you new perspectives, what you do with those is what matters most. Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is potential power!

Use what you’ve learned and apply it to your own life. If it’s something important, I personally suggest that you start with a measurable plan, something that you can re-read as often as you want and that helps you keep track of your progress.

Again, you’ll find that the easiest way to ensure success, in any area of life, is to form habits. I read about money every week, I consciously do my best to make Adriana laugh every day, I do physical exercises minimum three times per week and so on.

Don’t be stupid…

Somethings you can master fast, other things might be harder to attain. It took me less than two months to lose 12KG (after I knew how), but I’ve been working 60 hour weeks for over two years on Wesrom and it’s still no where close to what I want.

What a pain… it would be if I wouldn’t love what I’m doing… But luckily, I do! I know what I want and I have a plan to get there. Am I doing something wrong? Of course! I’m sure I take stupid decisions all the time!

True, I do have seemingly unachievable goals, so it might take me about a century to get it all done, but the idea here is that some goals may take more time to achieve than others, but don’t be stupid. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If it’s important for you, keep going. Have faith.

Win the game

Winning in a real game might mean that the game is over, but winning in life is different. We are all humans and we all share six basic human needs. Tony Robbins can tell you more about them, but for now, I’ll just say that one of those needs is for growth.

Victories in life bring new opportunities. You got a new job? Congrats! Now it’s time to “win” at your first task! Made your first million dollars? Donate some to a cause you believe in, give yourself a vacation, come back and now let’s get to number 2!

The good part is that with each victory, your self-esteem grows. You feel better and better based on the number and quality of goals you achieve. You keep raising the bar and playing at different levels.

Of course, you don’t just go up. Problems exist at each stage of life, without exception. You just get a different quality problem. For example, a person that is struggling financially might worry about the rent for this month, whereas a wealthy person might be worried about whether he will make ten million on the current project or just seven (million).

Never stop learning. Never stop winning.

Creating a better tomorrow,

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