A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

In today’s distraction-filled world, a stunning image is truly worth more than a thousands words. People (incl. your clients) react to and remember visual experiences much more than a few paragraphs.
Of course, a well crafted story is still crucial in most circumstances, but adding a visual layer to your materials will skyrocket your clients’ interest and interactions. To help you, we lovingly provide the following services:

Visual Graphics

Show up in front of your audience with gorgeous visual graphics that can be used in any of your online materials. Use attractive images for your social media campaigns, pixel-perfect designs on your website or application, or any other visual component you desire.

Logo & Brand Design

Your brand is what your customers see and experience. We can make sure that experience is one that they will remember and that it effectively communicates your philosophy.

Print & eBook Design

Business cards, annual reports, brochures, catalogs, gorgeous eBooks, etc. You want to stand out and catch the eye of your clients, whilst also building brand assets? We have you covered.


Everyone knows them, and everyone loves them. An infographic is an outstanding way to present a compelling story that your audience will definitely remember (and share). They are especially useful when you want to present complex data into an easily digestible format.


If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all: Unattractive, boring powerpoint presentations. We can make sure that your sales decks and all other presentations stand out instantly and help you make a great first impression with your clients and other stakeholders.

Your Investment

Visual graphic designs start at $600/project, and increase as per the level of complexity of each project, and the need for intervention from other staff. For example:

  • A great logo requires a ton of sketches, back-and-forth discussions, and vector editing
  • An effective presentation calls for a designer, a veteran speaker, and a sales expert.

Graphic design services can also be attached to other marketing packages. This significantly reduces the cost per design.

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