You Have Too Many Things To Do

If you’re reading this page you’ve either tried to engage in content marketing, or considered it. In either case, you’ve probably realized it takes way too much time from your day and drains you of creative energy that could be used to build or scale other parts of the business.

More so, it’s one thing to do it once in awhile, but in order for content marketing to be effective, it must be both of high quality and consistent. To do that you must:

  • do research on keywords your target audience searches for,
  • come up with ideas to write about,
  • write an outline for how the ideas will flow,
  • find resources on the web to back up your ideas,
  • write the article itself,
  • have an editor look over it,
  • find one or more appropriate images,
  • put it up on your blog,
  • preview it to make sure it looks OK, and
  • schedule it for whenever you want it to go live.

And here comes the fun part! You have to do all of the above week after week after week. Each time having to do more research, come up with more ideas, find more relevant data, and so on.

Oh, and by the way, if you want people to actually read what you wrote, on top all of the above, you’ll have to promote it on social media, via email and in newsletters, within relevant groups on the internet, and in a dozen other ways.

Though content marketing is still considered the best medium for attaining and keeping clients online, it’s also a ton of work.

What’s the best part?

You don’t have to do it. We can do it for you.

Wesrom’s great. I worked with them on content creation. Their dedication to writing great content is awesome. The team is also very open to feedback and coaching - to the point where the content they’re creating requires very little editing or input from other members of my team.

Alex Berman


Your Fully-Outsourced Content Engine

We’ll handle everything from:

Research and Planning

We analyze your target audience’s pain points, needs, and wants and build out an editorial calendar which we then execute on, week after week.

Writing Really Good Content

Our content strategists, writers, and editors join forces to produce the best and most relevant pieces of content with the scope of building trust with potential clients.

Creation of Lead Magnets

We write and design useful and beautiful marketing materials that will attract your ideal clients.

Content Promotion

After each piece of content is published, our digital marketing managers take time to distribute it across dozens of online mediums.

Benefits of Business Blogging

Business Blogging (otherwise known as content marketing) enhances every single part of your sales funnel. To give you a few example, high-quality consistent content help you to:

  • Boost your search engine rankings (SEO) and get in front of potential clients
  • More effectively converts visitors (traffic) into leads and clients
  • Grows your brand and your authority within your industry
  • Builds more trust in the minds of your current and potential clients
  • Supports your social media and other promotional initiatives
  • People will be much more likely to share links to your website (more leads)
  • Keeps your website and brand relevant to your target audience
  • Create a hub of evergreen marketing materials that will help you sell

Everything’s Already Laid Out For You

We’ve done this a thousand times before.

First Month, Laying The Foundation
  • We’ll hold two interviews with you and/or your team
  • Decide on the subject and outline of your content marketing initiatives
  • Write and publish a super-useful evergreen article
  • Make sure your blog’s user experience is great
  • Publish your first lead magnet, a downloadable eBook
  • Setup or consult your email marketing automation system
Every Week
  • Researching, writing, editing, and publishing original articles
  • Building your blog with strategic internal and external linking
  • Promote new content via social media, email, and other mediums
Every Month
  • Topic strategy sessions where we constantly come up with new ideas
  • Marketing meetings with everyone on our team
  • Re-promote older content
 Every Quarter
  • Continuously create and launch lead magnets including Content Upgrades and downloadable eBooks
  • We’ll hold another interview with you to go deeper and research new topics to cover

Simple, Flat, Fixed Pricing

Business blogging packages start at $1,200/mo. No hidden prices, no unpleasant surprises, no extra fees. Whatever package we agree on will have a fixed monthly price and nothing else.

All packages have a 6-month minimum engagement. We hand-pick all of the people we serve and only work with people that are passionate about their business and serious about its growth.

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