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Robert Indries

Main Time Wasters
Self Mastery
May 11, 2015

5 Things that Highly Successful People Do NOT Waste Time On!

This is a short (but important) list of activities and thoughts that drain both your…
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Have more fun at work
Self Mastery
May 4, 2015

How to make work more fun? Easy! Here are 10 ways to enjoy what you’re doing!

Did you ever meet someone that lives five days of the week just waiting for…
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Wesrom Corporation
April 30, 2015

Life at Wesrom – April 2015

Wow! What a month! If March was full, April was overflowing with work! I have…
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Not enough time
Self Mastery
April 27, 2015

What can you do when you simply DON’T have time to do what you want?

Tens or responsibilities! Hundreds of tasks! Overflowing agendas! Conflicting schedules! When will it all stop?!…
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Stop talking and start doing.
Self Mastery
April 23, 2015

From Words to Actions. Change your life for the better. Today!

There are few people in history that I admire more that Mr Benjamin Franklin. Of…
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