We build stronger brands, better apps, and top performers.

Wesrom is a multidisciplinary company that provides online marketing, software development, and coaching services; all geared towards a singular purpose: To help businesses and individuals reach their full potential.

Our clients love us because of our obsession of aligning all services towards the attainment of tangible results, and of providing weekly, detailed reports of everything we do.

Core Team

Together, we’re trying to make the world a better place.

Robert Indries


Marius Furcic


Michelle Muresan

Executive Assistant

Diana Onita

Public Relations

Istvan Buzas

Customers Success Manager

Elena Rapiteanu

Digital Marketing Manager

Alexandru Lorincz

Full-stack Developer

Luciana Foltut

Digital Marketing Manager

Zoltan Keresztes

Sr. Backend Developer

Darius Chizec

Jr. Full-stack Developer

Oana Raluca Girba

Digital Marketing Manager

Richard Baltariu

Full-stack Developer

Laszlo Lakatos

Full-stack Developer

Alin Hucea

Jr. Full-stack Developer

Alexandru Musat

Backend Developer

Jorge Arturo Salamanca Silva

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Jose Pablo Davalos Viveros

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Alex Berman


Sasha Grosman



Our six core values are the benchmarks we use to build an incredible team and workplace.

Be Honest

– Tell your team when you need their help or can’t meet a deadline. We’re here to help.
– Over-communicate. Leave no room for misunderstanding. Write it down clearly.
– Provide constructive feedback whenever available. Don’t keep anything inside.

Work Hard

– Add more value than anyone has any right to expect. Always over-deliver.
– Be self-reliant. Learn what you need to know and get it done.
– Obsess over the quality of your work. Defy mediocrity. Embrace excellence.

Stay Committed

– Allow yourself to fall in love with your craft. Let your results speak for themselves.
– Consciously seek to become a bit better every week. Learn, practice, grow.
– Push yourself. If it’s not a bit uncomfortable, then you’re doing it wrong.

Love People

– Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
– Remember you’re working with and for real people. Be patient and understanding.
– Use kindness and generosity in all your words and actions. Let others feel you care.


– Always ask yourself questions such as: Is this useful? Can this be done any easier?
– Proactively find ways to make your and other’s lives better, one way or another.
– Don’t reinvent the wheel. Open your mind and ask for help often.

Practice Freedom

– Travel, see, experience, enjoy. Life has so much to offer. Go for it. We’re paying.
– Design a career that you do not need a vacation from. Make it part of who you are.
– Let yourself dream, and fight for what you want. Your dreams don’t work until you do.

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