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Well, here I am again, on a plane that’s taking me back to Europe from Mexico. I’ve spent six amazing months together with the smartest, most gorgeous and most loving person I’ve ever met. I believe that she’s a wingless angel that just happens to go by the name, Adriana.

I’ll spend one month in Romania. During this period, I will visit my family, reconnect with friends, pass my masters exams and many other initiatives, including one that I will write about today.

30 Day Challenge: No sugar, no livestock, no bread.

All our lives we have been fed lies. Many times by the people that love us most. Of course they did not do it on purpose, but we ended up making false associations that, for most of us, will be with us during our entire lives.

I will not talk about each of these because I couldn’t fit them into one article, nor can I say that I’m aware of all of them. On the other hand, what I will do is describe to you a mini-journey that I’m embarking on to reach ever higher levels of health and vitality.

What will I avoid?

Before I continue, just allow me to mention that I have already stopped drinking alcohol since 2012, I don’t smoke and I never picked up the habit of drinking coffee.

This challenge has the purpose of further improving my eating habits, thus improving my life. So, let us start with the first enemy to a long and healthy life:

Added sugar

Eliminating all foods with added sugar is my number one priority. If I would need to choose just one bad eating habit to eliminate, that would have the highest benefits for my health and longevity, it would be this one.

Added sugar can be found (sadly) in almost every processed food in the supermarket. From the obvious items like cake, sweets, chocolate bars, croissants, strudels, cookies to less obvious ones like cereal. Yes, if it’s processed and tastes good, then it’s probably NOT good for you.

Most people have no ideas of how incredibly toxic added sugar is for the human body. There have been countless studies on the topic and a simple search on Google can tell you more. In simple terms, added sugar weakens the body. The more sugar we eat, the less capable our bodies are to fight against threats.

Though that is reason enough for me, it might not be for everyone, so allow me to share 10 good reasons I’ve found to start avoiding added sugar:

  1. Added sugar contains NO essential nutrients nor protein (aka. Zero Fuel)
  2. Sugar causes tooth decay by feeding the harmful bacteria in the mouth
  3. Added sugar is high in fructose, which can overload your liver
  4. Added sugar diminishes eyesight and metabolism
  5. Sugar can cause insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes or even cancer
  6. Fructose doesn’t cause satiety in the brain or lower the hunger hormone
  7. Sugar is a drug just like any other dopamine inducing substance. Don’t believe me? Go on a 30 Day NO sugar challenge and feel the urges kick in.
  8. Sugar makes you look and feel older and reduces lifespan
  9. Sugar fools your body that it has energy but in reality it drains it
  10. Added sugar reduces the body’s capacity of healing itself

There you go. I don’t know about you, but other than the fact that “it tastes good”, I see no other reason why I should not stop eating it. Case closed.


This is number two on the list! I confess that until college I was more a carnivore than anything else. I could eat meat with meat and with a side-dish of meat. I honestly feel bad for many habits I’ve had in the past and this is one of them.

For me personally, deciding to avoid most meat types is just as much because of the negative effects it has on my body as it is for the animal cruelty factor. Before, animals were bred and raised naturally. Today, the meat industry has become grotesque beyond measure.

As with sugar, I understand that different people do things for different reasons. Here are 7 good reasons I found to stop eating livestock. Pick at least one (or all):

  1. Eating meat hardens blood vessels and increases risks for cardiovascular disease
  2. Red meat consumption and decreases lifespan
  3. The companies that sell the meat do not care of our health
  4. Livestock production negatively impacts the planet in a huge way
  5. The animal cruelty factor is sickening and ruthless
  6. Eating meat contributes to the increased risk of obesity as well as type 2 diabetes
  7. Humans are not designed to eat meat (fact)

In Allen Carr’s best selling book entitled “Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way”, you can find a very, very enlightening section which compares humans to both carnivores and herbivores with shocking results. Wonderful insight. A must read!

Dairy products

Like with all things, the closer you are to a real farm, the better. Meat isn’t horrible either, but the one you buy in commercial stores is!! (I don’t know of any exceptions, if you do, I would appreciate learning about them in the comments bellow)

Seeing as I spend most of my year in the middle of huge metropolitan areas, I prefer to install the habit of not eating bread at all. It’s just easier and better for me, overall. Also, you don’t really get any necessary nutrients from bread products that you could not get from other, more healthy choices of food.

Another important factor can be weight control or even weight loss. There are many health benefits of a lean body, like increased self esteem and less strain on the joints, which make this choice even more attractive.

What will I eat?

Easy. Salads, fruit, seeds, rice and fish. Stop making life more complicated. You don’t need to eat everything! Just eat those things that really help you. Allen’s book has over 100 suggestions on what you can eat. Just pick a few from there, if you want.

Vegetables will give me most of the nutrients and protein I need. Fruits will provide the vitamins and (healthy) sugar that will further strengthen my immune system. Seeds help bring in other nutrients and some more protein. Finishing with fish that has all the protein and missing vitamins I need.

I believe that food has been a drug in my life for more than enough time already. Instead of craving things like working on a dream, bondage with those you love and the moments that truly make life worth living, we instead settle for allowing food to take control.

Not any more. This habit stops now. Food is fuel and nothing more. I have too many goals and aspirations in my life to let something as simple as food to slow me down. Just like you don’t put crappy fuel in a Ferrari or Lamborghini and expect it to go as it should, I won’t put crappy food in my body and expect myself to have the energy, strength and vitality I need to reach my goals.

But of course, this is my opinion. What’s yours? Everything’s a decision you know. Success included.

Creating a better tomorrow,

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